Travel Cards

Here is a safe way to pay for purchaes on vacation.

  • Accepted anywhere VISA is accepted
  • $5.00 fee to purchase the card
  • Minimum load amount is $100
  • Maximun value is $5000
  • Daily Load Limit Maximum $5000 at the credit union
  • Reload fee of $2.00 (not charged by credit union) deducted from card
  • Card has no limit on reloads but does have an expiration date
  • To access your account online go to
  • Other fees apply, please contact the credit union for specifics

For a lost or stolen VISA Travel Money card, please call 1-877-850-9650.


Free service for members.


You may now receive your statement electronically. It is so easy. Replace your printed statement with our electronic statement on Digital Mailer. When your e-statement is ready, we will send you an e-mail reminder.

E-Statement Benefit:
  • Secure, electronic “vault” to store your statements
  • View quickly online
  • Paperless filing
  • No waiting on the mail for your statement

You will need to sign an authorization form with Rimrock Credit Union. When you sign up online the form will be sent to you. Sign up for E-Statements today!


Here are a few online calculators to help you make important decisions regarding finances.

*Calculators are only an estimate. Please see a financial representative at Rimrock Credit Union for exact details.

Direct Deposit

Allows employers, state or federal agencies to deposit directly into your Credit Union account. Take advantage of the convenience and security of Direct Deposit.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction allows members to make loan payments or deposit to share savings electronically. It is much safer and quicker, and is one less errand to run. Ask your employer if they offer payroll deduction, then contact us for help with setup.

Visa Gift Cards

gift-card-visaPurchase a VISA gift card, to be used in stores or online, and give the gift of flexibility.

  • Accepted anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Minimum card value is $25.00
  • Maximum card value is $750.00
  • A small fee of $3.00 will be charged to purchase the card
  • An Inactivity Fee of $5.00 will be assessed the first day of each month after 12 full months of inactivity

If your gift card is lost, stolen or ready to expire please contact Liberty at 1-866-244-5360. Order a VISA gift card today!


Money Orders

For those members who like to “pay with cash” money orders provide a means to have a receipt for payment, but not have to hassle with balancing a checking account.

  • Members may purchase money orders for $1.00.

Notary Service

  • Available free of charge for members.
  • Proper identification required at time of service. (i.e. current drivers license or U.S. Passport)

Wire Transfers

  • Allows funds to be sent to another financial institution.
  • A nominal fee of $15.00 will be charged for outgoing wires only.
  • For cut-off times contact Rimrock Credit Union.

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