Checking Accounts

Share Draft Checking

Rimrock Credit Union share draft checking accounts are an easy way to pay your bills and manage your budget.

Pay for purchases or withdraw funds without writing a check
ATM Fees may apply at foreign ATM’s (ATM Fees NOT Credit Union fees)
Additional protection through SecureCode Enrollm

We are proud to be able to keep our fees at a minimum for our members.

Ask for KASASA

Rimrock Credit Union takes pride in being transparent regarding the fees associated with each of our accounts.

Share Draft Checking fees:

  • Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00 per item
  • Stop Payment $30.00 per item
  • Overdraft Transfer $ 5.00
  • Extra Statements $5.00 per item
  • Overdraft Transfer Fee $5.00
  • Copy of Cleared Draft $5.00 per check
  • Account Reconciliation $20.00 min. / $20.00 per hour
  • Close account fee $20.00
  • Off-us Returned Check fee $12.00 per item

Share Draft Checking fees:

Overdrafts will NOT be allowed for:

  • Any New Accounts (opened less than 60 days)
  • If an account has negitive account history information as reported by Chex Systems
  • If an account has history of overdrafts
  • Accounts without Direct Deposit
  • If an account is delinquent on loan(s)